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Armpit hair

So I for the longest time I have not shaved, kinda just forgot, life… you know… I did not even realize it until my husband mentioned it.

For the next few days I considered shaving again but as the days passed i realized that it was actually better to leave it as it was. I have struggled for the longest time with finding a deodorant that I liked and I often felt that the deodorants I have tried out just made my armpit smell.

Then I began making my own deodorant and it was fine but my skin began getting irritated at times. But using this homemade deodorant with armpit hair has actually been the best. It made me realize that the armpit hair is working for me. And I noticed that when I sweat that it is actually not as “smelly” as when I shaved.

So now I am one of those women that do not shave… I am now a proud ‘armpit hair’ woman!!!

Pondering… just some thoughts…

This is my place, for me to share some of my thoughts, sort of a diary.
What I write here is not the only truth nor necessarily what I think is the truth in the future but right now, at this place in time when I write this, it is what I am thinking and rings true to me at the time… things change and we grow as people, so the truth/thoughts can change.