Rookie Blue

As I was waiting for The Rookie season 5, someone in a comment, somewhere, that I do not even remember, mentioned something about Rookie Blue and I figured I could watch that as I waited.

Chris Diaz, Gail Peck, Nick Collins, Andy McNally, Sam Swarek, Traci Nash, Dov Epstein, Chloe Price.

Dov Epstein, Chloe Price, Chris Diaz, Traci Nash, Jerry Barber, Luke Callaghan, Nick Collins and Oliver Shaw are all characters that I completely love, most of them have been written as well rounded characters and get wonderful character developments as the seasons go. The relationships they have, be it friendships or romantic, oh the feels, so well written and wonderful! Making one want to root for them all!
Well unfortunate as the seasons progress the story of both Chris Diaz and Gail Peck gets flat and lazy writing for those characters makes their stories less interesting that just do not seem to get back on track until in the last few episodes of the final season, to wrap up their stories and give the show a “happy ending”.

Now the main female character, Andy McNally, is actually a nice character and has a big heart that makes her take on her cases with her heart as well as her head. The sad part is her interest in what the show-runners chose as her one true love, Sam Swarek… the old story, opposite attracts and she is the one that will change him, is just lazy writing. She has to wait for many seasons for him to change instead of being with a man that actually is worth it, worth her time, worth her love and worth her kindness. It is unfortunate that she regresses in her character development again and again as she keeps going back to him. Not to even get started on the fact that the chemistry was just not there. Andy had so much more chemistry with Luke and later with Nick.
Andy and Luke are actually wonderful together, Luke is supportive and really nice guy and Andy grows as they are together. With Nick she looks happy and they are fun together, Nick is very supportive, a kind and nice guy, Andy actually grows as a character while she is with him.
Of course she goes back to Sam and half way through the 5th season Andy finally confronts Sam, telling him off and he then starts to change. Even knowing that Andy would end up with Sam Swarek, I still rooted for Luke and I rooted for Nick as I like when couples are supportive of each other, talk to each other and grow together (not having to be ‘the one’ to change someone), maybe the fact that I am married and know that relationships are a give and take and it requires work to be in an healthy relationship.

The character development of Sam Swarek is non-existent, he is this brooding silent type and he just keeps being that type, he does not seem to grow as a person. He breaks rules as a cop and Andy, tends to go along with some of those bad decisions that is actually very far form her character. At one point Sam Swarek’s sister tells Andy that her brother will not change and for so many seasons he does not change. Unfortunately Andy and Sam have an unhealthy, co dependent relationship that does not bring out their best sides, for both characters.
As a viewer I know very little about Sam Swarek and know more about characters like Jerry that dies in season 3 and Nick that joins in season 3 and even Luke that was there for 2 seasons and few episodes in season 3 and 4. Those characters have more backstory and more character development than this ‘main man’.
Gail Peck is also a character that did not get a fair treatment regarding character development like Sam Swarek. But at least she was a fun character and has her moments, so she was at least entertaining as a part of the show.

To sum it all up:
I found this show to be entertaining and definitely has many great characters and stories.

⭐⭐ ★ ★ ★ – I will give it 2 stars out of 5.
As the show was entertaining enough but not a show I would ever watch again.

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