Cobra Kai! 🐍

I just finished binge watching Cobra Kai on Netflix and it was surprisingly good.
Barney Stinson (HIMYM) knew it from the start who was the real Karate KID. 😉

I really enjoyed the show and the best part is the way it flips the script, bringing the story of Cobra Kai told not from the perspective of the hero, Daniel, but from Johnny, the bully from the films. Showing that there are always two sides to a story and one might not be more correct than the other as you learn what else is part of the story. This show does a wonderful job of telling the story of the aftermath, consequences and how a person is never just, this, one thing. How the past does not have to be what defines a person and change is possible, yes finding it may take time and may not be easy but if the will is there, the possibility is there.

With a talented cast of all ages the show does a great job to include wide range of audiences. The show is quite predictable but has a great level of depth and emotional intelligence that takes the audiences on a journey allowing the audiences to care about these people and feel the impacts of the big moments. Absolutely enjoyable and entertaining, with its teen drama (as well as the adults relationships), ass kicking fighting scenes, funny and corny moments.

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