About me & this blog

Gribba is the nick name I used back in 1990 and it was always available, when needed, so it was just easy to stick with it. I was born in Iceland, moved to Reykjavík when I was 17 and moved to Denmark when I was 23 with my son (3½ years at the time).
I am happily married and a mother to 3 boys.
In my spare time, when I have spare time, I love to write, read, draw, paint, knit, crochet, and shoot with my bow and arrow.

I have a large family in Iceland and I miss them everyday but I love living in Denmark, it is my home.

I work the night-shift at a home for disabled individuals, I work with special cases, that are considered violent, mentally/developmentally disabled. I find the work rewarding and enjoy going to work, knowing I am making a difference for those individuals.

This is my place, for me to share some of my thoughts, sort of a diary.
What I write here is not the only truth nor necessarily what I think is the truth in the future but right now, at this place in time when I write this, it is what I am thinking and rings true to me at the time… things change and we grow as people, so the truth/thoughts can change.


My other websites are http://writing.gribba.dk where I share my writing, a place where I share some of my poems & stories and www.gribba.dk a place where I share my knitting & crochet.