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Pondering… just some thoughts…

This is my place, for me to share some of my thoughts, sort of a diary.
What I write here is not the only truth nor necessarily what I think is the truth in the future but right now, at this place in time when I write this, it is what I am thinking and rings true to me at the time… things change and we grow as people, so the truth/thoughts can change.

The Rookie

So as a Nathan Fillion fan I had to check out the Rookie… at the time of writing, the show is now halfway through the 5th season.

The Rookie is such a fun, heartfelt and entertaining show.

Nathan Fillion’s character John Nolan is a well written character with big heart that just makes it easy to like him, his story is well written and he is given a well rounded character until around season 4, his story seems to take a back seat to many of the other characters on the show but for the most part he seem to be in the back seat of his new girlfriends story (I am still hoping that will change).
His relationship with his best friend, Ben, is such a healthy portrayal of how two men can actually talk to each other about vulnerable things and be supportive and help each other understanding the complex feelings one might be dealing with.
Also his relationship with his son, Henry, is wonderful and later with his sons fiance, Abigail, even with his ex-wife, those relationships are wonderfully written and make John such a likeable character and the people around him, hopefully these characters show up some more from time to time in the show.
His romantic relationships are… well the first one… I do not even want to mention that one as it makes me cringe! The next 2 relationships he has are with Jessica Russo and then with Grace Sawyer, both relationships are sweet and wonderful but it is also very clear what Johns character is struggling with in those relationships. His current relationship is with Bailey Nune and unfortunately John ends up kind of taking a back seat for his girlfriends character, he has faded to the background in the show. I am not a fan of the Bailey as a character, i will just admit that, I want to but I just can’t. The relationship itself between John and Bailey is cute and they are fun together as a couple but the character, Bailey, is just written in a way that makes her unbelievable and unlikable and it puts a damper on the relationship and wanting it to last.

Angela Lopez what a fantastic character and so well written. Her ‘kick some Ass’ attitude is such a fun one as she is still very feminine and likes to be feminine. Her friendship with her coworker Tim Bradford is a great one as they are very similar, though, honest and softies deep inside. She does not have a drastic character development but she grows, she is still her but so much more. As she meets her husband to be Wesley Evers and they embark on a relationship, opposite attracts, that makes them work together to find a way to meet in the middle and grow together. And having a child did not change them, it just made them grow and become more and better versions of themself.
Wesley Evers is also a great character that brings support to the other characters on the show, he is a kind man that just wants to help but is not a pushover, he stands his ground and is able to stand up to Angela, which is why they are so great together.

Tim Bradford a complex character that has been written very well. He might be tough and rough around the edges but he is a very honest and straight forward character. As his backstory comes to light it is easy to see how his persona might have been shaped by his past but it is also well written and his character is well rounded, not just this one dimensional tough guy. He has plenty of character development even if he does not change very much as a person, he becomes a better version of himself and the softer sides of him show up more often than before, especially when it comes to a very important person in his life. To be honest this person also brigs it out in him, because of her bubbly persona and as the story continues she is not afraid to stand up to him. She also teases him at times… she is the only one that seems to get away with it, he seems to enjoy her teasing, she means a lot to him and it makes him come out of his shell.

Luchy Chen what a wonderfully written character. She starts out less confident in her ability’s but grows into this amazing strong woman and a cop. She has a such a bubbly personality that survives the hardships she faces. Even if she has a big character development she still holds true to who she is and the changes that occur in her are natural developments to the things she faces and she grows as a person. The relationships she has with the people around her show how kind and supportive she is and that she will not go down without a fight be it for herself or the people she loves.

Talia Bishop was a interesting character but left the show after season 1 and then Nyla Harper showed up with a bang! She has this crazy backstory, as an undercover cop, it is both her driving force but also her worst enemy at times. Her character development is evident, as the show continues she has to let go of the past life she had lead and find her footing in a normal life. Her story is such a beautiful one and she is such a strong character. It is fun to get to know her and she makes a splash joining the station, she also has a neck for making many of the other characters see the value in the people around them.

Jackson West was a great character but was more of a ‘in the background’ character, even if he got some great story lines he still did not get to the forefront as much as maybe was intended. He had some struggles to overcome and it made for a good story and it felt like the characters around him got a better deal out of those stories.

Wade Grey what a delightfully written character. He is such a well rounded character and his stories are almost always great. His stories, relationships and growth is not filled with big bumps in the road but hurdles to overcome and makes sense to the person he is and the stories he gets are great because life is also made of all the small things that fit together. He gets some big stories as well and they are great to but the smaller once shine through when it comes to his character and growth.

Aaron Thorsen has become, at times, this funny but kind and helpful character that everyone can count on. He stared out not really showing the audience who he really was but he has come into his own and now is such a good addition to the team.

Officer Smitty is a comic relief and he is such a fun and silly character that is somewhat a flat character but he serves his purpose and the audience get a glimpse into his life at times. Like officer Smitty, James Murray, serves his purpose, as Nyla’s boyfriend and later husband, and he has his moments in the show that make him a wonderful extra character to root for. There are many more recurring characters like Tamara, Genny, Isabel, Donovan, Lila, Nelle and last but not least Luna Grey, these characters serve their purpose to move the stories along and make a great addition to the show, they definitely enrich the stories and make the show great. But I also want to mention Fiona in this list of extra characters that just added something great to the show (I am adding her as I really liked her and John together, the friendship they had, I also liked them as potential couple but…).

To sum it all up:
I can say that this show is wonderful, very entertaining and not to forget, full of great cast.
The show has so many fantastic characters, wonderful character developments and stories. The stories are great and at times fun and/or emotional but as many cop shows that run over longer periods the stories loose its shine. But The rookie does not slack on the characters stories, backstories and their relationships, that is still well written even if the “cop” part has bumps in the road. The writers definitely know how to write relationships, be it family, friendship or a romantic one (short or long term romantic relationships), the writers are capable of doing that incredibly well. The couples do not loose their shine even if they embark on a long term relationship, it is still fun and exciting to see them grow, together.

⭐⭐⭐⭐ ⭐ – I will give it 5 stars out of 5.
As I can watch this show over and over again and it still entertains me and makes me feel the feels.

Rookie Blue

As I was waiting for The Rookie season 5, someone in a comment, somewhere, that I do not even remember, mentioned something about Rookie Blue and I figured I could watch that as I waited.

Chris Diaz, Gail Peck, Nick Collins, Andy McNally, Sam Swarek, Traci Nash, Dov Epstein, Chloe Price.

Dov Epstein, Chloe Price, Chris Diaz, Traci Nash, Jerry Barber, Luke Callaghan, Nick Collins and Oliver Shaw are all characters that I completely love, most of them have been written as well rounded characters and get wonderful character developments as the seasons go. The relationships they have, be it friendships or romantic, oh the feels, so well written and wonderful! Making one want to root for them all!
Well unfortunate as the seasons progress the story of both Chris Diaz and Gail Peck gets flat and lazy writing for those characters makes their stories less interesting that just do not seem to get back on track until in the last few episodes of the final season, to wrap up their stories and give the show a “happy ending”.

Now the main female character, Andy McNally, is actually a nice character and has a big heart that makes her take on her cases with her heart as well as her head. The sad part is her interest in what the show-runners chose as her one true love, Sam Swarek… the old story, opposite attracts and she is the one that will change him, is just lazy writing. She has to wait for many seasons for him to change instead of being with a man that actually is worth it, worth her time, worth her love and worth her kindness. It is unfortunate that she regresses in her character development again and again as she keeps going back to him. Not to even get started on the fact that the chemistry was just not there. Andy had so much more chemistry with Luke and later with Nick.
Andy and Luke are actually wonderful together, Luke is supportive and really nice guy and Andy grows as they are together. With Nick she looks happy and they are fun together, Nick is very supportive, a kind and nice guy, Andy actually grows as a character while she is with him.
Of course she goes back to Sam and half way through the 5th season Andy finally confronts Sam, telling him off and he then starts to change. Even knowing that Andy would end up with Sam Swarek, I still rooted for Luke and I rooted for Nick as I like when couples are supportive of each other, talk to each other and grow together (not having to be ‘the one’ to change someone), maybe the fact that I am married and know that relationships are a give and take and it requires work to be in an healthy relationship.

The character development of Sam Swarek is non-existent, he is this brooding silent type and he just keeps being that type, he does not seem to grow as a person. He breaks rules as a cop and Andy, tends to go along with some of those bad decisions that is actually very far form her character. At one point Sam Swarek’s sister tells Andy that her brother will not change and for so many seasons he does not change. Unfortunately Andy and Sam have an unhealthy, co dependent relationship that does not bring out their best sides, for both characters.
As a viewer I know very little about Sam Swarek and know more about characters like Jerry that dies in season 3 and Nick that joins in season 3 and even Luke that was there for 2 seasons and few episodes in season 3 and 4. Those characters have more backstory and more character development than this ‘main man’.
Gail Peck is also a character that did not get a fair treatment regarding character development like Sam Swarek. But at least she was a fun character and has her moments, so she was at least entertaining as a part of the show.

To sum it all up:
I found this show to be entertaining and definitely has many great characters and stories.

⭐⭐ ★ ★ ★ – I will give it 2 stars out of 5.
As the show was entertaining enough but not a show I would ever watch again.

Cobra Kai! 🐍

I just finished binge watching Cobra Kai on Netflix and it was surprisingly good.
Barney Stinson (HIMYM) knew it from the start who was the real Karate KID. 😉

I really enjoyed the show and the best part is the way it flips the script, bringing the story of Cobra Kai told not from the perspective of the hero, Daniel, but from Johnny, the bully from the films. Showing that there are always two sides to a story and one might not be more correct than the other as you learn what else is part of the story. This show does a wonderful job of telling the story of the aftermath, consequences and how a person is never just, this, one thing. How the past does not have to be what defines a person and change is possible, yes finding it may take time and may not be easy but if the will is there, the possibility is there.
As the seasons progress a light is brought to Daniel’s story, showing how the events from his past have effected him. Also more characters from the previous Karate Kid films show up, these characters stories show the audiences that there are elements from their pasts that effect their personality’s and that they are also not just one sided characters. It is a interesting twist and a fun one to follow as the stories/lives of these characters continue.

To sum it all up:
With a talented cast of all ages the show does a great job to include wide range of audiences. The show is quite predictable but has a great level of depth and emotional intelligence that takes the audiences on a journey allowing the audiences to care about these people and feel the impacts of the big moments. Absolutely enjoyable and entertaining, with its teen drama (as well as the adults relationships), ass kicking fighting scenes, funny and corny moments.

⭐⭐⭐⭐ ★ – I will give it 4 stars out of 5.
As the show was entertaining and I might actually watch it again.

Re-watched Dawson’s creek

Netflix recently added Dawson’s Creek and I decided to re-watch it. I remember that I watched it back in the day, not really remembering much nor if I had seen all the episodes, I just remembers that I liked it, not to mention that Joshua Jackson was in it.

I found a few, interesting things, that I actually like about the show, that I did not remember. I like the dialog, even if it is kinda advanced for the age of the characters. I actually found it to be refreshing and I liked that the characters articulated their feelings and thoughts in a way that was at times beautiful and productive. Also that some of the more sensitive subjects were tackled in a way that felt thoughtful and was handled with compassion.

As I re-watched the show, I found that Dawson and Jen bug me, a lot, they are so self-centered and are the ‘offer’ in the saga of the story they are the main character in. I just can’t seem to like them, I want to, but can’t.
When it comes to Jen I began to like her near the end of season 4, she becomes more of a well rounded character as time goes by and when she and Dawson get together in the next season she (and Dawson) are adorable together.
It is not until season 5 when Dawson looses his father that I began to like him as a character, he finally seems to grow up and become more rounded character.

Audrey and Andy… not sure what was the point with some of their story lines. To me they were likeable for the most part, both of them were fun and adorable ‘fill’ characters for the show, they had their issues but served a purpose for the characters around them.

I found Jack‘s story to be interesting, his struggle with being gay. Even if he was accepted by his peers for the most part and had some struggles with his father it resolved itself and became this strength around him. And even if he did not have so much external struggles from the surroundings he had many intern struggles that he had to deal with.

Pacey… I can not love Pacey less, I remember I liked his character but re-watching made me just love him more. Pacey is incredibly kind and sensitive to the people around him. Yes, he is thoughtless at times and can say/do things that hurt others but he has the ability to apologize, learn from his behavior and will do anything to mend what he might have damaged. He is also the only character that has to find his own way, he has no path set out before him as the others, that know what they want and take the “traditional way” through life. His story is well written and well rounded, his path to growing up, finding himself and working through his issues may be more complicated than the path Dawson, Jen, Jack and Joey take but his is the most intriguing. He has to find his passion and find his own path outside the norms as so incredibly many young people do.

Joey has this ‘kinda typical’ story, about growing up, finding herself and getting past her issues, her story felt more linear than the rest of the characters and she is the center that the rest of the characters orbit around. Good part of season 6 seems to loose some of her story, but that happens for most of the characters in season 6. Having Joey and Dawson sleep together seemed so pointless and really did not serve the story, because the Joey and Dawson getting together had really faded out, it had lost its shine, long time ago. Because the moment Pacey and Joey became a couple that solidified their connection and made it very clear that they were the end game.

To sum it all up:
The show is entertaining and sweet and written in a wonderful way. I found it to be refreshing that the characters articulated their feelings and thoughts in a way that was at times beautiful and productive. Also that some of the more sensitive subjects were tackled in a way that felt thoughtful and was handled with compassion.

⭐⭐⭐⭐ ★ – I will give it 4 stars out of 5.
As the show was entertaining and I might actually watch it again and again.